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Rights of Investors

Discuss your grievances with brokers, financial intermediaries, banks, etc

Rights of Investors

Postby investordost » Fri May 23, 2008 6:01 pm

  1. To receive all benefits/ material information declared for the Investors’ by the Company.

  2. Prompt Services from the Company such as transfers, Sub-divisions and consolidation of holdings in the Company.

  3. Equity holders have a right to subscribe to further issue of Capital by the Company.

  4. Brokerage not to exceed 2.5 per cent of the Contract Price.

  5. Receipt of the Contract note from the broker in the specified format showing transaction price and brokerage separately.

  6. Investors can expect delivery of shares purchased/value of shares sold within 2 days after the pay-out day.

  7. Access to the Exchange arbitration facilities in case of dispute with brokers. Contact : The Investors’ Service Cell, The Stock Exchange, 1st Floor , Rotunda Bldg, Mumbai – 400 001

  8. For complaint against listed Companies/brokers contact: The Investors’ Service Cell, The Stock Exchange,1st Floor, Rotunda Bldg, Mumbai –400 001.
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Rights of Investors


Re: Rights of Investors

Postby Ramalingam K » Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:18 pm

When the market is delivering so much, why is that the investor is making out less? What are all the factors contributing for this gap in the market returns and the investor returns?
Though the market is delivering returns, investors were not able to benefit. Why is it so? What went wrong? It is because of the nature or character of the investor.


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