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Hello everyone,i am new to this Forum and i like to be the part of it to share my views and problems with you all to have great suggestions.As forums are the best way to share.
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Nike Duns

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Vibram Five Fingers Online

If you've been getting into barefoot tournament (unless you serviceability Vibram's Five fingers http://www.vibram5fingersale.com Vibram Five fingers) then you've undoubtedly realized that some days are just too insanely hot to fuse on the blistering blacktop. I've got three fixes (other than strapping on a two of a kind of Vibrams Fivefingers) that'll feed your feet diminish unvaried on a parching simmering date:

Electrified date trick #1: Essay some trails!

If you've got woods or any ...
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What's the best way to invest money?

I'm looking to invest some money, and I want to know the best way to do this. If any of you have any advice, drop me a line. Much appreciated. Thank you.
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Stocks & Bonds

Hi guys,

i am new in stock exchange market can u please differenciate these two terms for me trade stocks & bonds.
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Hi Everyone!!

Hello, guys..i new here in this forum...
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Rigged and Predetermined

You have often heard me say that the market is rigged, which it most certainly is via the Federal Reserve’s overall interest rate “engineering,” as well as outright manipulations through quantitative easing (QE), backdoor bailouts, POMO, massive swap lines, etc.

Many of you believe that national elections are also rigged and therefore predetermined. Perhaps this is true in the USSA and why not; after all, the Fed will stop at nothing to “save” the banking ...
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Europe Downgraded

Last Friday the European continent was (essentially) completely downgraded. Standard & Poor’s slammed the region with NINE downgrades – some one notch and others two notches.
S&P cut the ratings of Italy, Spain, Cyprus, and Portugal by two notches while the ratings of France, Austria, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia were each cut by one notch. In its statement S&P said the following “Today's rating actions are primarily driven by our assessment that the policy initiatives ...
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The Market is Dead

The market is dead. Continuing with last week’s theme – there was no volume, no volatility, and no “action” of any kind. If the market isn’t dead, it sure is in a very deep slumber. The range has been so tight for so long that when it does wake up, or come back to life, it should do so with a bang.

Speaking of today’s lack of action, Reuters said the following… NEW YORK (Reuters) ...
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Providio’s Daily Futures Market Comment for 01/10/12

10Jan The possibility of Chinese intervening to spur economic growth and Fitch’s less negative outlook on Europe underpinned yesterday’s rally in most of the physical markets we track. However, they are lagging our Overbot Equity sector while the EuroFX is looking lonely, extending its stay on our Oversold list.
This week’s light US economic calendar turns attention to GOP primaries and any news coming out of Europe.

10Jan What started out as a ...
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