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Discuss which stocks to buy and hold for the long term


How is IDFC for long term prospect?
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Stock Investment

I am planning to invest in the following shares:

1. Adlabs
2. Pyramid Samira

I would appreciate views from other boarders on these shares.

Hari Varijakshan
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stock market

Hi guys, what is the expected scenario with the stock market, in the coming week ? Is it a good time to invest in Real Estate / Gold / equity or hold all fors of investments ?
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Hello, I am a new investor and have invested considerable sum in some of the stocks as mentioned and am holding the stocks. My investment horizon is for a period of two years :

Reliance Power - thru IPO 16 + 16 shares @Rs. 430/-
Reliance Communications - 100 shares @ Rs. 660/-
UCO Bank - 1000 shares @ Rs. 60/-
ICICI Bank - 100 shares @Rs 1020/-
Unitec - 100 [email protected] Rs. 280/-

Can ...
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Price Earning Multiple (P.E. Ratio)

P.E. Ratio is the normal standard used in the industry by analyst across the globe to evaluate a company. To arrive at P.E. Ratio we have to go one step further after arriving at the EPS of a share. (EPS was discussed in my last post, titled as Earnings per Share.) We have to consider the Market Price of the share of the company and then divide it with E.P.S. of the company. The formulae ...
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Derivative means trading in shares without actually buying or selling the shares. Now you will wonder how that is possible. It is a very simple concept.
Just take an eg. If i want want to buy 100 shares of Company A which are quoting at Rs 200/- I will have to pay Rs. 20,000/- and buy the shares. This is normal equity trading. Now in derivatives you do not have to pay the full price ...
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Modern Steels, To Hold or Not To Hold?

Hi All,
I am currently holding 210 shares of Modern Steels @ Rs.27/-

I have been holding this for quite a long time (almost 6 months) but the value has only once crosses 27 & I wasn't able to time it. I am thinking of pulling out the cash and invest it in either Satyam, RPL, Reliance Nat or Sun TV. If I had done that earlier, I would have recovered more than what I ...
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Falling Stocks Rising Crude

There is a very clear correlation between rising crude oil prices and falling stock prices.

The reasons for that are:

Crude oil is one of the most important commodities and rising crude oil directly increases the power cost for companies across the board. This impacts their margins in a very big way.

Rising crude oil results in more volumes and more money flowing into the commodity, this results in low liquidity and low volumes for ...
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Earnings per share (EPS)

Earnings per share (EPS)

Today we will discuss EPS and why it is very important. Any analyst or any experienced investor who invests in shares will never forget to use this concept before deciding to buy or sell or hold shares. Why is it so? The reason is very simple. Before that i would like to share my own experience. I was interested in shares right from my school days although i actually started to ...
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