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Share news, views and opinions on Future and Options (F n O). Learn how to reduce risk using FnO. Also, share tips for trading in FnO.

Rigged and Predetermined

You have often heard me say that the market is rigged, which it most certainly is via the Federal Reserve’s overall interest rate “engineering,” as well as outright manipulations through quantitative easing (QE), backdoor bailouts, POMO, massive swap lines, etc.

Many of you believe that national elections are also rigged and therefore predetermined. Perhaps this is true in the USSA and why not; after all, the Fed will stop at nothing to “save” the banking ...
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Europe Downgraded

Last Friday the European continent was (essentially) completely downgraded. Standard & Poor’s slammed the region with NINE downgrades – some one notch and others two notches.
S&P cut the ratings of Italy, Spain, Cyprus, and Portugal by two notches while the ratings of France, Austria, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia were each cut by one notch. In its statement S&P said the following “Today's rating actions are primarily driven by our assessment that the policy initiatives ...
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The Market is Dead

The market is dead. Continuing with last week’s theme – there was no volume, no volatility, and no “action” of any kind. If the market isn’t dead, it sure is in a very deep slumber. The range has been so tight for so long that when it does wake up, or come back to life, it should do so with a bang.

Speaking of today’s lack of action, Reuters said the following… NEW YORK (Reuters) ...
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ISM and Debt

I had high hopes for Monday’s trade when I said “Are enough traders home from their holidays to make for good trading Monday? That’s a close call in my opinion; however, there just may be enough scheduled economic data releases, including the Fed, to make our first day of 2012 a good one.”

Sadly, it was not a good trading day; volume was still low; volatility was non-existent; and news was plentiful but the entire ...
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Friday’s early trade was higher on general optimism. The early rally ran into resistance and started its normal sideways (lack of) trend. Shortly into this sideways zone the news hit: lawsuits.

On the face of it you wouldn’t expect the news to drive down equities, but this is the only thing of importance that hit the tape. Perhaps the market is worried that the government subpoenas will spread. Are Citibank, JPM, and Goldman execs next ...
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Not According to Plan

The market fell again Tuesday and although three down days in four is nothing for central banksters to truly worry about (and there is plenty of lower support in the S&P) – it nevertheless is not going according to plan. The Fed’s QE1 plan did work – it saved the markets from total annihilation. However QE2, QE Lite, ZIRP, the Twist, secret loans, unlimited swap lines, etc has done little if anything. Moreover, the market ...
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How to Determine Where the Real Support and Resistance

Understanding support and resistance levels is an extremely important technical skill in any market, and I think it's absolutely critical if you plan on trading the S&P E-Mini market. Professional Floor Traders are aware of an entire range of major and minor support and resistance levels before the market opens each day. They also know how to calculate new levels as the trading day progresses.

Support is the price area for a potential bottom where ...
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How to Pick Intraday Market Direction – the 80% Rule

Let me introduce you to one simple technique I've used to pick intraday market direction with 80% accuracy.

Would you like to know if a particular trade has an 80% probability of working? Would you like to know exactly where to enter that trade, and where to exit? Would you like to trade this technique with a 2 point stop loss or less?

It Doesn't Matter if the Market is Going Up or Down, This ...
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Ramp and Camp

Monday was another Ramp & Camp day: it ramped higher on very low volume and set up a camp site. The volatility was ridiculously low – again. For the vast majority of the session, the ES traded in a scant 3.50 point range despite being up over 35.00 points. All of it happened on Globex.

Above is a 10-min chart of the putrid action.

What caused the massive gap open that eventually stayed still throughout ...
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Trading Tip #8: Avoiding Mental Sabotage

I have heard that 95% or more of all traders ultimately fail.

Have you ever wondered why?

Most traders will tell you it was the system or method they were using. They'll also tell you they had a few bad trades they couldn't recover from. Or their dog chewed through the telephone cord just as their computer crashed, and they couldn't get out of a losing trade.

Everyone has a different reason, but when you ...
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